Here are two sequences from Bloodshot #46. Bloodshot in the first three pages is doing combat training in a controlled environment. That's why you see his colleague Neville appear at the last panel. In the second three pages Bloodshot is in a warehouse where gangsters are planning some evil doing. As usual you'll see my fight scenes duped in numerous comic books, movies, tv shows. You have to get the comic book to see all the fight scenes though. This was a fun comic to do because Don Perlin a creator of Bloodshot and veteran illustrator sat down and told me the story of Bloodshot the old fashioned way. See, that's why storytelling is so difficult for most comic books and movies because they don't do what Don does, he sits down and can tell you the story. If you can't do that simple thing like old time radio dramas would do, then you shouldn't be in this business. Click on the thumbnails to see the bigger art. All rights belong to the owners of Bloodshot/Acclaim/Valiant.