Talk about a fight scene! This is a fight scene and splash page from Defiant Comics, Good Guys issue #5. This book was super fun to do. First of all this was a book that had a gimmick to it. All the kids you see on the splash page are real people. They won a contest to play their own superhero personalities. So I had to draw each kid's portrait/likeness and then put them in their super costumes and they would interact with the fictional characters of the series. Group book from hell as the industry would call it because most artists wouldn't want to draw all these kids and so forth. In this issue, one of the lead characters, Flex, has super strength. She's a girl and when she runs up on some neighborhood bullies she puts them in check. However, she also runs into another super powered neighborhood kid who bullies her. He's stronger and more skilled in fighting and beats her senseless. As with all comic book heroes she comes back later and whips him so bad I broke a pencil drawing the scene. Anyhow, this fight scene was so popular some artists made careers ripping the scene and putting it into their books. I would get phone calls from other comic book companies like Marvel and DC asking me if I wanted royalties so many guys were ripping me. There are even several anime movies that used this fight scene. I guess imitation is the most sincerest form of flattery but sheesh! Anyway, I added for humor the training scene page where Flex learns from her team mate White Crane how to defend herself. I still get fan mail about this scene. Hope you enjoy. All rights reserved by their respective owners.