Now here's adventure! Legend Neil Gaiman came up with the Lady Justice property for Big Entertainment's Tekno Comics. Tekno was a real amazing story in itself. They got together big names in literature and film and television like Mickey Spillane ( a homie from my hometown area ), Ray Bradbury, Gene Roddenberry, John Jakes, Leonard Nimoy to write comic books! I was fortunate to get the series created by Neil and this story arc was written by popular western and crime drama writer Wendi Lee! Wendi wrote a three issue story about gang girls in Los Angeles. This series took alot of research on all our parts and was quite successful! Again I still get emails and fan mail regarding this series. The team was Wendi Lee writing, me pencilling or illustrating the book, and two more legendary artists on board! Kubert School's own Mike Chen did the inks on the series! Mike has been teaching comics at the Kubert school since who knows when. He's sent many a student on to fame and fortune! I met Mike when I was at Defiant pencilling the Good Guys series. It was tough finding a top artist to ink that book but editor Ed Polgardy got hold of Mike and the rest is history. When I got offered the Lady Justice series Mike was the only choice to ink the book. Add to all this power packed talent the covers were done by Daniel Brereton! Could you possibly ask for more?