This was fun to do. This is Batman Annual #13 that came out in '89 when Batman fever was all over the place. The first Tim Burton Batman movie was in the works and everyone was up at DC Comics working on bat-this and bat-that. In this particular case, the late artist Malcolm Jones III, most noted for his work on Neil Gaiman's "Sandman" series of books was at the time a master Inker. He wanted to graduate up to penciller and needed some help. He asked me to do the breakdowns ( storyboards in comic book language ) to an unique story that appears in this issue called "Waiting in the Wings". This story tells the mysterious past of Batman's faithful butler, Alfred Penniworth. We Bat-fans knew all along Alfred was no mere butler but a seasoned thespian, military officer, and guardian. A man of many talents and none to be sneezed at. Alfred being a fine detective in his own right. So I did the breakdowns for Malcolm and he did graduate up to penciller because of it. Regular Batman writer Doug Moench worked with Malcolm too. Malcolm visited us often at artist Grey's studio in Brooklyn our home away from home. We used to draw all day and all night us three. All of us were street hard kids growing up so we fit in fine with one another. All rights reserved by their respective owners.