Earthquake kills many in Central Croatia

In what was a sad Christmas for residents of Central Croatia, earthquakes took the life of at least six people.

At least six people died in a major earthquake

It has been confirmed that at least six people were killed in the big earthquake that took central Croatia by surprise on Monday. Various rescue groups spent the day removing the rubble of destroyed buildings looking frantically for any survivors.

It was reported that a 13-year-old died in the modest town of Petrinja, according to the prime minister who visited the town to commiserate with the victims. Also, residents lost their lives in the village of Glina, the deputy confirmed. Another victim was recovered under the rubble of a religious building in Zazina, according to several media reports.

Croatia’s government official visit to measure damage

Petrinja’s mayor said a huge part of the municipal is in ruins and individuals are still being recovered. Majority of the residents are afraid to go back to their houses overnight due to aftershocks by the earthquake damage, state officials said. Many individuals spent the night in their automobiles or stayed with close friends in close safe areas. A little over 250 individuals slept at military stations.

EU crisis agency head Janez Lenarcic will visit Petrinja to see the extent of the damage. Zagreb, the nation’s capital, also experiences some tremors. Close countries like Bosnia and Serbia were not spared, even far Italy shook. Luckily, a woman was pulled out from the rubble alive in Petrinja on Tuesday morning according to Croatian news outlets.

Since Tuesday, individuals are being rescued from stuck vehicles, we are not sure how many are dead or injured and the severity of the injury,” Darinko Dumbovic, the mayor, told reporters on Tuesday. “There is a public panic as many people are still looking for their close relatives.”

The Rescue Agency said that rescuers from across Croatia had gone to Petrinja to help with the search efforts.


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