India discovers seven fresh COVID-19 variants

The World is experiencing different strains of the COVID-19 virus which seems easier to transmit.

India finds new COVID-19 strains

Seven new cases of the dreaded variant of Covid-19 was first seen in the UK have also been identified in India. As a matter of fact, India is now among the number of countries that last week has now barred flight movements from the UK.

This relatively new strain is considered to be easily transmissible than former variants but can’t be said to be more dangerous and fatal according to COVID-19 experts. With about 9.5 million positive cases confirmed, India has now moved up to become the second-highest country with the most cases on a global scale after the US.

These new COVID-19 strains could “cause heavy harm” and “destroy our healthcare facilities and make them useless,” Dr. A Fathahudeen, an essential medical expert who has treated thousands of Covid-19 positive cases told reporters recently.

Flights from the UK is barred to India

Passengers who board flights from the UK will compulsorily undergo Covid-19 tests at all entrances (seaport and airport) in the country, a top government official said. Those found positive will have their samples put to a genome sequenced by a reputable government hospital to confirm if it is a new strain.

Furthermore, 34,000 travelers came into India from the UK in the last few months. Out of these numbers, 115 were declared positive and their test samples have been sent to twelve labs for genome analysis, according to the health sources.

The emergence of the new COVID-19 strain has triggered various travel restrictions on a global scale last week. Countries with these restriction notices include Canada, Japan, Spain, Sweden, and France who have mentioned that the new strain has been identified in their territories.

British medical officials warned UK positive cases have become “extremely high” and this COVID-19 transmission level is a “huge concern” for everyone. Tuesday produced a record 41,400 COVID-19 cases and 355 fatalities were announced in the UK.