Top Sci-Fi Author Ben Bova Has died

2020 has witnessed the death of various important personalities in the sci-fi world, which includes Boba Fett of Star Wars. Another top sci-fi writer has passed on last week.

A great sci-fi writer will be missed

Ben Bova, widely known in the sci-fi arena for his imaginative write-up, also an astute author, great editor, and scientist, died recently at the ripe age of 87.

This news was announced via various social media platforms by his family members and later confirmed by reliable news media. Mr. Bova was said to die primarily due to a COVID-related illness. He was the former head of both the Science Fiction Writers in the US and the National Space Society. He was credited to have written over 259 works that include science, fiction, which includes 150 sci-fi prose. Bova was a five-time Hugo Award winner and a one-time editor of Analog and Omni Newspaper.

Family members mourn Bova

Kathryn Brusco, Bova’s niece who is a close family member shared the sad event on social media. Also, Bova’s son Ken gave out an excellent appraisal on Bova’s site where he wrote:

‘Ben Bova was a smart man that thinks ahead of the time; his writing and little stories, which include works from the future. In his numerous books, Dr. Ben Bova foresaw things long before they occur. Good examples include the visit to the Moon in the 197+50s, cosmetic satellites, how to discover organic elements in the galactic space, virtual reality, Augmented Reality and internet revolution, human cloning, the battle to strip nations of nuclear weapons, humanity surviving on Mars, stem growth, the finding of ice and liquid on the Moon, digital book publishing, machine policing, and sexual intimacy in space.’

He was a man born ahead of his time and his many works speak of the things he saw, which are now a reality. His death came as a rude shock to all members of the sci-fi community.


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